If you get any errors during downloading, installation or launching the product, Please email for help.

NOTE: Antivirus software

Issue: Antivirus software from vendors like Norton, Avast and Zone Alarm incorrectly identify our locking part of the program as malware. False reports from these vendors include “TrojWare.Win32.Trojan.Agent.Gen, “Suspicious.” Etc. during download or installation of Cyberfetch.

Workaround: Antivirus software vendors and service providers are currently addressing this issue


Meanwhile, go into your antivirus program and grant cyberfetch permission. That should solve it.

Email help: Software Instruction

Software instructions:

Step 1

Getting Started:
When you first open the program, the program opens to the Main Project screen. This screen shows you all the projects that you have created.

In this screen, you can create a new project, edit your project or delete your project.

To add a new project (A website you would like to submit) click on New Project Step 1. This will take you to Personal Step 2

Step 2

Fill out this form completely. THE FAX and ADDRESS 2 OPTIONAL (You may leave that blank)

For project name, you can call this anything. Example: website1
****For Company Name if you don't have one, use your name. Do not spell out the name of your state. Use for example, NY not New York.

Click on Internet step 3

Step 3

Adding your internet information:
1st choose a main category, then choose a sub category

Fill out this entire form, Leave nothing blank. If there is no price for your product, leave blank For username pick any letters or numbers. Use 8 characters. For password - pick any letters or numbers, use 8 characters.


Some sites want you to choose a username and password for editing purposes.


Step 4

Adding your advertisement info: This screen is where you add your advertisement.

Some sites allow a larger ad so we have included 3 different ad sizes. The software knows to choose the largest accepted ad.

Make sure DESCRIPTION 1 is only 25 words or less or your ad will be rejected.
DESCRIPTION 2 is 200 characters or less, not words for example, the word cat is 3 characters. Any space between words are also characters.
DESCRIPTION 3 is 400 characters or less, not words for example, the word cat is 3 characters. Any space between words are also characters.

Fill out the 3 forms. Do not leave any blank or you will get site rejections

**When you're done, click save to save your work.

CLONE Feature: This will save you the time of typing the same information over and over again. Lets say you have different projects to submit, and a lot of the info of the projects are the same. This feature will duplicate your entire project.

Jut highlight your project, click clone, and the cloned project will open.

YOU MUST give the cloned project a different name from the one you cloned, otherwise it will overwrite the 1st one. Edit any information in any of the fields . When done, click save on the left hand side of the screen.

Submitting your website

Now that you have entered your project description, you're now ready to submit your website.

A. On the top of your screen, click database. Choose an available database that you have purchased. It will be checked off after you choose it.
B. On the colored bar, CLICK SUBMIT to get to the submit screen.
C. Choose 1 or more projects on the left hand side. ADVICE: It 's best to submit one site at a time.
D. On the lower right hand box, select site type. Choose all to submit to everything in the database, then press select all to check off all the sites. Or you can check off individual sites you want to submit to, Or click the down arrow in that box to submit to a particular type of site , then press select all to subit to all those sites, or just check off the individual sites you want to submit to.

Next, click SUBMIT on the left hand side of the screen. This will take you to the start screen.

Press start to begin.
When the submission is finished, a box will appear to let you know. Click ok.

This area is where you can see what was submitted sccessfully and what has failed. Click the down arrow next to project name. Choose the site you have submitted. Then click load report and your report will appear.

To export your report, click the export button. A box will open. Pick a place on your computer where you want the report to go to. Then name the report, then click save.
**FOR EVERY project report you export, YOU MUST give each report a different name, otherwise it will overwrite the report from before.

When You 're done, close the program.

If you need more help, click the help button in the program for more help options.

Important Note
Your site will not be submitted to all the sites in this program. Some sites are category specific.

Foreign Database differences

The only difference here from the usa database, and the foreign databases, is that when you are on the submit screen, You can submit to everything, or you can submit by the country if you are trying to target a geographical area, or submit to single sites of your choice.


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